Heather christie and anthony kiedis dating

The 1983 Red Hot Chili Peppers band is definitely not a new name among music fans; in fact, the group is one of the renowned still-standing rock bands.From the start, there was something different about the group and it was no surprise as they became increasingly successful with blending funk and punk.The photographer says the rock star is a great dad and she is forever grateful to him for giving her the gist of life; she also added that she hopes he finds what he is looking for.Though officially not together, Kiedis and Heather still remain good fiends at least for the sake of the child between them.Papa Kiedis raised wolves and wolf hybrids in the 1990s.Margaret “Peggy” Noble Idema (mother) No doubt the rock and roll star has been through a number of twists and turns in his life but luckily for him, his mom has been a positive presence throughout.

She was only 18 when she started dating the then 41-year old singer.

The pretty model has been cited as an inspiration for many of the songs written by the esteemed rock singer on the album Everly Bear Kiedis (son with Heather Christie) Date of Birth: October 2, 2007 Zodiac Sign: Libra When asked how he came up with his son’s name, the famous singer says it was from one of his favorite bands, the Everly Brothers and who says last names can’t make a good first name.

As for Bear, the lovers agreed that it was beautiful to have a little bit of earth in one’s name.

The Julie Simmons (nee Noble) (half-sister from mother’s marriage to Scott St.

John) Date of Birth: March 12, 1970 Zodiac sign: Pisces Julie was born to same mother but different fathers and unlike her brother, her life is pretty much off the media’s radar.


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